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Do It Yourself !

We would like to take a moment to introduce you to our company and our products. We have been in the repair and training business, resolving leather and/or vinyl problems for over 20 years. We are a dedicated support team for your customer service department and warehouse staff. We assist with consumers who have expired warranties or have issues not covered by a warranty. We can evaluate complaints and guide your CSRs in determining whether the customer has a manufacturer issue or a consumer wear and tear issue. 

We also offer repair products and touch up color, tailored to match any manufacturer. The color is a one step process that contains a primer and a top coat. All of our products are easy to use for technicians and consumer friendly.  These products offer easy solutions for shipping or delivery damages, saving money and time, and in many cases alleviating the need for replacement parts.

If you are unfamiliar with making these repairs, we offer videos, training at our facility or in house training. Our training is designed to help save you money on parts and installation fees.

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Address: PO Box 2014, Asheboro, NC. 27204

Phone Number: (886)-875-7446

Email: leathersolutions@live.com.