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Leather Cleaning Certification Class (LCT):

This is a 2 day class. It covers everything you need to know about leather. How the cow went from the field to a non-perishable leather. How to identify the different types of leathers. How to clean leather. There is a test at the end of the class. Fees for this test go directly to the IICRC. If you pass the test, you will become a certified leather cleaner with the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification).

Class Fees: $950 per student IICRC Test Fees: $65 per student

Leather Repair Class:

This is a 1 day class. It covers damaged protected leather. We work on razor cuts, scuffs, tears, holes. These damages are your most common damages caused from shipping and/or delivery. The class covers damages on both leather and vinyl. This class can be taken along with the LCT class, making it a 3 day workshop. If taken with the LCT class there is a discount on the class and a repair kit included. Note: only 1 repair kit per business.

Class Fees with LCT class: $850 per student (includes one repair kit per company)

Class Fees without LCT class: $950 per student. Repair kit $350 per student.

Deposit of 50% is required within 10 days of scheduling class. Full payment due 30 days before class. No refund if class cancelled 30 days before class. Reservation can be rescheduled for another date. Full refund if class cancelled within 10 days of scheduling. Refund of 20% after 10 days of scheduling.


IICRC Class March 4-5; Leather Repair class March 6

IICRC Class May 6-7; Leather Repair Class May 8

IICRC Class June 10-11; Leather Repair Class June 12

IICRC Class August 19-20; Leather Repair Class August 21

IICRC Class November 18-19; Leather Repair Class November 20

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